Guys I found some tips on internet! I hope you used it well!

Now that you’ve got a date! So what are you going to do on this special day? I am sure that you would not want to make a fool of yourself when you meet your crush. Well, it’s better to be safe than to regret.

1. Call your date – Give your date a morning call if you both are planning to go out early in the morning or in the afternoon. Give her a call at least two hours before the meet up no matter what time it is, just to remind her about the outing and to reconfirm the location/plans while giving her an impression that you are a caring and sweet person. Why is that two hours? It is by nature that ladies usually take longer time to shower, make up, and choosing the right dress for the outing. Even if your date is the unique one, who doesn’t take as long as two hours, you will still need to give her a call as it’s a matter of how much you are looking for towards this date.

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2. Be there early – Knowing that ladies might take a little longer and even if it’s expected that she will be late for the meet up, that does not mean that you can drag your ass out of your home, taking your own sweet time and be there a little later so that you can save up your time waiting for her. That is not being a gentleman (and don’t debate against the idea that waiting for her is portraying a gentlemanly impression) if you were wrong about her punctuality.

3. Ask if she has taken eaten anything before she left home – This is being courteous and it shows how much ability you have to take care of your future girlfriend/wife. It is best if you have planned to bring her out to eat and make sure that you have told her that (or else you will have to suffer from hunger while she demands for a window shopping or movie at the beginning of the plan)

4. Suggest some good restaurants within your budget – After knowing her favorite food, give her a list of good restaurants that is within your budget if you are taking her to eat (if only she says that she has not eaten anything before meeting up). Make it efficient for both of you by skipping the unnecessary touring in the complex for restaurants (she will be grateful to you if she wears heels on that day). If she has taken her meal, suggest for a drink or dessert instead. Please be reminded that you will be the one who pays for the expenses on a date. Even if she offers to pay, be polite and say it’s no big deal; you will pay. No ladies would love to date a cheapskate. Remember that.

5. Have a chat – It is time to get to know more about her at this precious moment. Spend some time chatting, perhaps for 40 minutes to an hour. If there the conversation is going on well or both of you, you can extend the time (if only both of you have no rush for anything later). If either one of you feels a little awkward, proceed to the next plan.

6. Get the movie tickets – Ask her if she has watched any movies lately. Bring her to the cinema and see if there is any movie that she prefers (do not jump into the horror movie thinking that she might hold your arms in the cinema). She might be ‘immunized’ and who knows, you might be the one hiding behind her shoulder. LOL.) And remember that this outing is all about knowing her better. You should be attentive to her and prioritize her preferences here. I am sure that you would not want to watch ‘kung fu’ genre while she is craving for endless romance one. It will be a really boring outing to her then.

7. Offer your jacket or your hands in the cinema – She might shiver or feeling really cold while watching a movie that lasts for two hours in the cinema. She might not show it to you, so be observant. Offer her your jacket and if she rejects, it is fine. If you do notice her rubbing her arms slightly, or shivering a little, cover her with your jacket carefully without asking for the 2nd time. She will not reject again this time. Trust me. If she leans towards you, offer your shoulder and hold her palms softly to keep her warm during the movie.

8. Let go her hands the movie ends – Please be reminded that you were holding her hands just to keep her warm, do not exaggerate it or she will feel awkward. It is just the first date! Let go her hands when the movie comes to an end and ask her how she feels at the end of the movie (ask her if she’s still feeling cold and how does she like the movie)

9. Snacks or another meal? – If the movie ends by dinner time, ask her if she has any plans later (see if she is in a rush). If there is no plan, take her to a dinner. It is obvious that she will be hungry by then, unless she is on a diet program (she insists on not eating dinner, then go for snacks/drink). This is rather a good time to make her feel comfortable with you after few hours on the first date.

10. Send her home early – You are going out with someone’s daughter. You would not want them to get worried (even if she’s above 21). Sending her home early gives an impression that you are a responsible guy. Her parents will be glad if she is dating someone who cares about her safety out there. Even if she’s staying on her own, she knows all these basics and if she were to look for someone who has the husband material, she knows who to look for.

11. Say Thank You – This is a must in a date. Say thank you to her and tell her how much you appreciate her spending time with you. If you are genuinely interested in her, tell her that you are looking forward to another outing soon and you are really happy with the plans today. Tell her that you will send her a message when you reach home so that she does not need to keep worrying your safety. Don’t forget to wish her good night and sweet dreams before you leave.
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And this ends the discussion on crucial tips for men on their dating plans. Happy reading!